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Okay, so I got distracted and never finished posting the writing challenge. Here are the prompts. Match # 1 to #1 on your list and so on. If you have only 5 on your list, just start over and write 2 prompts for each fandom (#6 to #1, 7 to 2 and so on. And no cheating and swapping the order :)

Okay-- I picked 16 words from a random word generator (that I thought would work for any fandom in any time period-- tried to keep modern objects that could get in the way of a historical setting out of the mix). I'm about to draw 10 of them out of a pitcher at random.

Lets see what we get!Collapse )
So, for those interested in doing the writing challenge that I came up with, here's your first step:

List 5-10 fandoms you are interested in. It doesn't matter if you have never written fanfiction for them before (in fact, it might be better if you haven't--at least not in large quantities-- this is about stretching yourself).

List off your fandoms and post them here in a comment. Then I'll give you 10 prompts (you don't have to do them all if it's too much). You match the first prompt to your first fandom, second to second and so on.

Post them somewhere public and leave a link to them here (or post them directly in the comments if you like) If you're looking for a good place to post them, www.fanfiction.net is a good host site for writing and you'll get lots of feedback there. Reviews are fun :)

Here are my fandoms for this challenge:
1. The Last Unicorn
2. Strawberry Shortcake
3. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
4. Doctor Who
5. D.N. Angel
6. V.B.Rose
7. Tail of the Moon
8. Saiunkoku Monagatari
9. Gakuen Alice
10. Rainbow Brite

I totally pulled those out of thin air right this second. Don't think too much about it-- just pick stuff you love.

When I post the prompts, I'll draw them randomly so that I have no idea which ones will end up with which fandoms. Gives me almost the same experience as the rest of you.

Now I'm curious to see what fandoms everyone else will post.

Are you a writer?

I know a lot of you are writers, but leave me a comment if you're interested in participating in a fun (quick) new writing challenge I came up with. I think it would be more fun to do with a few people. It's not group writing though-- just encouragement from the group.

Even if you've never written before, but you want to give it a try, join in! Let any of your friends know if they think it will be fun-- I'll make any posts about this public.

Friends only

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Let me know if you'd like me to add you, and why.... chances are, I will.

Kaedmon's Forest room is FINISHED!

It took more than a week, but it's finished. (I just didn't realize I hadn't posted pics)

The unicorn lived in a lilac wood and she lived all aloneCollapse )

Beach Cosplay!!

Baka Rose Cosplay is hosting a beach cosplay day at New Smyrna beach from 11am until approx. 2pm on Saturday Nov 21!

We have one experienced photographer who has already committed to the event, and another who will probably attend as well.

Come in a costume you'd love to get beach shots in, either a swimsuit cosplay or a regular costume that suits the beach.

Bring a picnic lunch or if anyone is interested, we can plan a pot-luck.

Come on out-- It'll be a Splash!

If you're on cosplay.com, come join the thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=192126

Vote for me!

So, I endered my first ACP costume contest.


It's for my Shuurei costume from Saiunkoku Monagatari. I'm really proud of certain aspects of this costume (the wig :) Also, the top 2 entries will win the full first season of the anime. It's one of my favourites, but I only have the first 2 disks (anime is expensive!)

6 random voters will be chosen to win either the entire series or a calendar as well. Will you vote?

If you have an account and you like my costume, then hop over and vote please. If you don't have an account, it only takes a few minutes (and it's free!) Of course, if you prefer a different costume, you're certainly free to vote for that one instead.

Remember me?Collapse )

I guess you knew it was coming...

I just did a HUGE friend cut--more is probably coming. It's nothing against anyone I cut or will cut. I just don't have the time to be online much now. You've no doubt noticed my absence, so you realize you won't be missing much. It takes hours just to scan over a few days worth of my friends list and I'm missing so many posts that the ones I do read don't make much sense. Maybe someday I'll have time to come around again and add some of you back.

I might make the occasional public post just to let you know I'm still alive...

Baby Anastasia's wish list.

I've started to have people ask me about what we need for the baby. Now that I've gone through what I have from Kaedmon, and what we bought/received before we knew he was a boy, I have a list of what we need and what we don't.

This is NOT me asking for gifts. It's merely me putting the list somewhere accessible to those who have asked, and also, somewhere I won't lose it. There's no point in making a registry since there's only one specific item on the whole list.

Baby Anastasia's wish listCollapse )


The inevitable Friends Cut.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to do a Friends Cut.

This has nothing to do with disliking anyone. Just thought I needed to say that right off the bat. I'll be cutting a few communities that post a lot and I don't get a lot out of. Well, I won't likely be cutting the communities, just putting them on the not-watching list.

Mainly my problem is that I have no time. My life feels like it's spiraling out of control and I just don't have time for LiveJournal. But I can't stand letting go of it altogether. I'm very connected to my LJ. I think I'm going to start by cutting people I don't read very often and find myself skimming. It doesn't mean I have anything against you if I cut you, just that what you post about isn't really where I'm at right now and I don't feel particularily close to you.

See, I have some friends who's posts don't really resonate with where I'm at right now, but we've developed a friendship-- I won't cut you. There are other people I'm not that close to, but they post things that interest me-- I may or may not cut you. Then there are people who have been on my list for a short time-- unless you've annoyed me, you get to stay for now so I can see if you're really worth keeping around. Some of you added me a lot earlier than I added you (lack of perception skills here!) so I wanna give you a chance.

Anyway, I think it'll be a fairly minor cut to start with, and it won't likely help the issue that much, since some of the people who post a LOT are the ones I definately want to keep on.

For the last two or three months, I've been checking my journal once or twice a week, and I often have 15 or 20 pages of entries to go through in just a week's time. I feel like no one gets my full attention or a careful read of their posts. I'm spread too thin. Also, i end up ignoring my baby while I'm playing LJ catch-up, and that's not cool. I rarely end up posting about my own life because by the time I've spent 3-5 hours reading my F-list, I just don't care about posting anymore. And I want to post a little more. I've got a backlog of pics that friends are waiting for, and I'm about 3 weeks behind on house news (which I'll hopefully get to tonight).

I think I'll start cutting sometime tonight, and keep going for... oh, as long as it takes. If you get cut, or you think you might get cut, and you don't want to, drop me a comment. I might assure you that I had no intention of cutting you, I might change my mind if I was going to, or I might say goodbye if I find that there's not a deep enough relationship to sacrifice my family for. Cause that's what it comes down to-- am I spending time on LJ or with my boys?

I heart my serger!

Ok, I'm supposed to be working, not playing with LJ, but I had to stop to make this announcement to the entire world (or at least those who look at my journal).

If you sew, even a little bit, and you have the means, BUY A SERGER!! I just finished all the seams on the skirt of the dress I'm working on. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've used it a little already to make a few Christmas presents, but I am AMAZED at how wonderful it finished these edges. I've worked a lot with Casa Satin. It's wonderful stuff but it FRAYS! Well, even gathered edges clean up perfectly.

Sorry for the rant, but I am seriously in love with this little hunk of metal and plastic!!

Usagi wig

I've been ridiculously busy lately. Between my Shuurei costume, being the costume tech for the Little Women play (yes, I was crazy enough to make 2 ballgowns in 2 days--days when I was working no less), I also took on an Usagi wig commission. These wigs are enough to make me a little crazy all on their own, but I had to do it amongst the busyness and the disorder of my not-yet-unpacked diningroom/studio.

All this is to say, I have finally finished the wig (except for sewing in the tiny accent curls on the sides and back) and it actually looks better than mine. I may remake my own some day.

Anyway, on to the pictures...Collapse )

I'm a princess!

You scored as Sleeping Beauty. Your alter ego is Princess Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty! You are beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever.


Sleeping Beauty






Peter Pan


The Beast




Donald Duck


Snow White




Cruella De Ville


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
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Apr. 16th, 2006

Danika is cool. Not only did she get me a paid account so I can show off tummy pictures, but she also made me this spiffy new icon!
I'm boerd and lonely.

Mark went out to play with Brian (play = drink beer and be "men")

Someone come visit me? This is evening # 5 this week that I am all alone.

Boo hoo...