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how to train your Dragon.

In an attempt to train Dragon, I found my old notebook of drabbles that I wrote like five to six years ago! There were still about ten of them that I hadn't typed up. Dragon is GREAT for transcribing things! I've got it to work a lot better now. In fact, why don't I switch over to it and write without editing. Let's see how much better it does now that I've used it more.

well, I tried to train Dragon more by doing some of the reading, but for some reason I kept messing up and would never analyze the audio data. So instead, I went about it the slow way just started using it, and doing a lot of verbal corrections. It only transit, if you do all of your corrections verbally. And trust me, it is a slow process. Luckily, I am at the point, where I can read my stories one paragraph at the time. I even got Dragon to recognize names like Usagi and Mamoru. It still had a lot of trouble with Mamoru but not like it used to. For some reason, it really prefers to use the word memory. And Usagi and seven being held boggy. That should sayspelled buggy buggy.

oh no. Stupid Dragon just deleted two paragraphs. And here I was bragging about how much better it was working.anyway, I've just been talking about how to train Dragon on the new work. I was saying that if I could just get over not trying to edit things paragraph by paragraph, that Dragon could actually work pretty fast or nine Nana right now. See, there's a new word I need to train him. Nana Raima. So, here's how training work. First, you say the word. Nana Ramo. Then, you select the word by saying select than the word. After that, utility to want to spell that word I won't use the exact phrase because of the command that will take effect. After you spell the word, you can tell Dragon that you want to train it on the new word. Then you say the word and Dragon learns it. Sometimes you have to use it about 20 or 30 times before really understand what you mean for example I must've said memory about 100 times before it started really picking up. And there is proof that it still doesn't get it every time. Because I did not say memory I said memory. And there it goes again. Because I was not saying memory everything Mamoru. Finally.

Okay so, we are going to train Dragon how to write the word Nana Ramo. I will say the word: Nana Ramo. NaNoWriMo. So, I spelled and trained Dragon. Now let's see if it works: NaNoWriMo! Success! I guess it helped, that nothing else there and quite like NaNoWriMo.

And there you go, how to train your Dragon.

Trying something new...

For my birth day, Mark got me Dragon naturally speaking. It is a voice recognition program. With my hands hurting so bad, typing can be hard. It takes a lot of work to train Dragon. I was impressed at first, but now it is taking a lot of going back and fixing about half of the words. If I say too many words at once, it usually messes up. And the more words you say at one time, the harder it is to fix it.

For example, I have been working on this post for over 20 min. can you believe that? The more I use Dragon, the better it is supposed to get. It has to learn my voice. Actually, I have had to fix anything in this paragraph yet. Maybe I am just getting better at using it?

I hope that I will have Dragon properly trained before my next round of chemo. They are reducing my dose 5FU, because it causes many hand problems. They will also reduce the oxaliplatin (wow, it caught that word!) Because of the cold sensitivity and nerve pain. They also gave me a prescription for an old antidepressant that helps with neuropathy (nerve pain). Hopefully I won't have any more hand pain as bad as I did two weeks ago. I could hardly lift my fork. But at least if it does happen again, I can still write. I am getting a little bit better at figuring out how best to go about fixing Dragon's mistakes. Sometimes it is better to just delete the problematic word or phrase rather than selecting it and trying to correct it. If there was an error in the middle of a phrase, just delete the whole phrase and they the words before the error then pause, and say the problematic word alone. It is easier to fix that way.

Boy, it sure is slow getting started on this. Back in November when I first heard about Dragon, it was at a writers Association meeting. The president of the Association did a live demonstration of Dragon. Hers was well trained and had far less errors. Hopefully I can get my Dragon trained that well. I have been working on this post for almost an hour. It would have been faster to hunt and peck with my pinkies like I did when my fingers were hurting. Still, it is kind of fun to watch my words show up on the street; even if I do have two say them one at a time.

Okay, time for a test. I am just going to start talking without going back and fixing anything. Let's see what happens. Here we go:

Well let's see if the punctuation can handle things that are also real word were example when I say: what happened exactly. I have colon cancer will look it caught at that time, but if I just talk about my: without the word cancer, it doesn't catch it. I'm special: I have no:. You see, if I go to pay cancer after: it just gives me the punctuation marks. But, if I say: cancer of his work that time, it did not work that time. Let's try again. I do not like having colon cancer. There worked. Did you know that may bring part five years it's messing up… I said grainbrain fart. Let's try that again. If you know that March is: cancer: can there overcome on bargain. Did you know that March is: cancer March is: cancer why doesn't it work? March is: cancer whatever… It is: cancer awareness month. Today was where blue day because blue special color: cancer. Colon cancer ridden it was. The colon cancer ribbon in live blimp blue finally. I this paragraph is miserable to read. Clearly I cannot eat naturally be the week because. I cannot take talk naturally with Dragon yet. Time to go do more training.

Sailor Moon Land

Come play! I love this community-- it's set up as team-based battles. You win points for your team with writing and graphics challenges as well as completing puzzles, games, and activities. It's really a lot of fun. You can participate as much or as little as you want (as long as you do 2 activities or voting every 2 weeks). Or you can join as a social member and only participate when something really strikes your fancy.

Here's where to join. http://sailormoonland.livejournal.com/66996.html

My new normal

Okay, I promised another post, so here it is.

I'm so blah. I'm not sure if it's still leftover fatigue from the chemo or just that I've gotten into a habit of being tired/lazy. Maybe both?

I'm also VERY distractable. The brain fog has worn off for the most part, but I lose focus really easily. It's frustrating and it takes me a lot longer to complete tasks. It's almost like drug-induced ADD. I might be able to relate better to Mark after all of this! (I don't WANT ADD!!)

Apparently I'm also longer-winded than usual. Click for rambling info about my port and surgery, chemo drugs and side effects, and how I coped with them this weekCollapse )

NaNo day 8

Well, I actually did most of my writing before midnight today! 3000-ish words of it! I'm at 47% now! Yay. My goal was to hit 50% before surgery, so that's 3% to go tomorrow. 1642 words. About an hour and a half of writing. That sounds easy, but my mom is coming in at noon tomorrow and I know she's not going to see this as a priority. Also, it's just going to be a generally chaotic day. I don't need to *do* anything before the surgery other than stop eating at midnight. Still, I know she'll send me to bed early so I'm rested. And we'll be together from the time she arrives-- no writing will happen after I leave to pick her up. And if she has her way, I won't be doing much after the surgery either. I have to convince her that it's a priority. We'll see how things go in the hospital. I might be in so much pain that I'm keeping the morphine pump going constantly. Or I might be up to writing. It's impossible to know until I'm there and experiencing it.

Okay, enough talk about surgery-- lets talk about my novel.

Prince Kier has fallen hard for Taylor. A little too hard. Hmm... Gotta rein him in a little. Taylor is still pretty reserved about him, but she's giving in. I'm only about 1/4 of the way through my plot, but I'm nearly at the halfway point on my words. Looks like this is going to be a 100,000 word novel! And I probably won't finish it this month-- probably not this year!

23358 / 50000 words. 47% done!

Let's see what they did today, shall we?

Taylor paused, surprised at the vividness of memories she was experiencing. Memories she had never dreamed about. She wasn't sure where they came from, but as she searched her mind, she realized that she was slowly gaining access to the full memory of Princess Taylor: the princess that didn't even exist until she had created her four weeks ago as a class assignment.

NaNo day 7.

at 19,732 words. I wanted to get to 20,000 before I went to bed, but it's just not happening. I keep falling asleep.

I went to the Northwest Christian Writer's Assosciation meeting tonight. It was good. But on top of meeting my ostomy nurse and organizing my pantry and kitchen cabinets, I'm worn out. I was up stupidly late last night and can't do it again. Even with a nap today, I'm toasted.

Maybe I'll wake up before the kids in the morning. Maybe. Too tired to find a quote.

Edit: Brushing my teeth woke me up just enough to get in those extra 300 words!

20043 / 50000 words. 40% done!

Have a quote:

Taylor stood in her sewing room, her shift lying on the floor at her feet and the other layers of her dress laid neatly across her work table. She was naked. And confused. And so tired that she could barely stand.

Nano day 6

It's LATE. I am TIRED! My daily word counts are totally screwed up since MOST of my writing is happening after midnight the last few days. But I'm still counting it as the day before until I have slept. So my personal daily word count is NOT matching up with what the NaNo site records. Who cares. 90% of this was written and recorded on day 7, but I'm still saying day 6. So there!

Anyway, I'm getting there. I didn't write much yesterday (as in on Nov 6th). I only put in like an hour of time within the midnight to midnight period. Just a little over 1000 words. But who cares. I'm still (just barely) set to finish within 20 days. That's good enough. As long as I finish. My head start is GONE, and my novel won't be finished, but I'll get my words in.

18300 / 50000 words. 37% done!

Taylor finally met her Prince, who has been named Prince Kier of the house of Kentington. Yup, totally stole (and misspelled) Kaedmon's middle name. Taylor share's Anastasia's middle name, so it was only fair. The boy is getting ahead of me though-- he's totally falling for her too fast! Slow down boy! That's what I get for not looking at my outline. Oh well, whatever. Let's find something quotable...

“I'll be as ill-bred as I can manage if it will give you joy,” she risked with a teasing look. She was rewarded with a wide grin that spread across the prince's face.

“Only if I can do the same,” he demanded with mock-severity.

NaNo day 5

15 K. YAY!! I had kinda wanted to be there by yesterday, but oh well, I'm still perfectly on track to finish within the 20 days I have allotted myself. And chances are I'll need less than 10 days to get back to writing after surgery.

I'm excited about the story though-- Taylor finally finished her dress and made it to the magical world (which still needs a name BTW, two actually-- Her tiny home Kingdom that's about to be stamped out by war, and the much larger England-like Kingdom where most of the story will take place. Suggestions are welcome).

15317 / 50000 words. 31% done!

Now for a quote:

Taylor reflected back on the conversation and wondered about her teacher's reaction. She seemed to take the dreams as seriously as Taylor did herself, but she had also been concerned. Well, who wouldn't? It did sound a little mentally unstable, didn't it? Or obsessive at the very least. Yet, she didn't feel obsessed, just... attached.

NaNo day 4

No writing today. I suck. Too tired. I did take baby girl shopping though. We like shopping.

I hope to wake up at 6 am and write until the babies roll out of bed at 9 (I hope it's not before 9 anyway).

Sleep now.

Next morning: It's 10 am. I just woke up. Shoot.

NaNo day 3

Today was a lazy day. After writing until 1:30 am yesterday, and then goofing around until about 4, I was TIRED. I did nothing all day. And then I napped.

I finally got the baby to bed at 10pm (cause she napped too), and started writing around 11 (yup, even more internet messing around before I finally shut off Chrome!). I got up to 9000-ish words by midnight (I remembered to stop and input my word count at 11:55!) and then hit 11,094 a little after 1am. At that point, I suddenly felt tired and decided to stop (of course, who's been up for yet another hour since then? Oh, that would be stupid. I mean, me.)

Anyway, here's my little progress bar thinger...

11094 / 50000 words. 22% done!

22% Yay me!! Almost a quarter!

I'm really liking my story. And I'm definitely less than a quarter of the way into my plot (plus I know I need to add more detail and dialogue to what I've already written), so there's not really any worry about me running out of story to write. Feeling good. Yup, feeling good.

Oh, what's that? You want a line from what I wrote today? Hmm....

For the first time, Taylor wanted to wake up from the dream. She closed her eyes and tried to force the princess to drift off to sleep, but it didn't work. She just continued to stare out of the window.

Nano day 2

I got a late start to my writing today. The good writing time I got yesterday morning was taken up by book club today. Then medical junk (both mine and that of a family member) got in the way of time I thought I would be writing later in the day. I finally got started when my daughter went out for her half-birthday dinner date with her daddy (you get an icon of the little cutie in honour of her day!). Well, no, I still putzed around online for an hour before I finally shut my browser.

So I started at 8 pm. With an hour break for one of those medical issues and another half hour for half-birthday cake. I gave up on writing just after 1 am, which means I got in a solid (well, solid after you take out the interruptions?) 3.5 hours of writing. But I wrote 4419 words in that time. Better than yesterday which was a solid hour, then 2 interrupted hours, then 8 hours of pointlessly trying to concentrate. Moral of the day-- shut Chrome!

Anyway, here's my handy little bar chart thing.

8018 / 50000 words. 16% done!

I would attempt to figure out how to link to the stats thing on the NaNo site (I've seen it done, so I know it's possible), but since I posted my word count after midnight, it's not accurate. Those are day two words. I was falling asleep writing, so only the last 500 or so were actually written today.

Anyway, here's my quote of the day. It's a full paragraph, but I like it. I didn't really expect Taylor's mom to play much of a role in the story, so this surprised me a little. In a good way (I keep being surprised by moms making unexpected appearances in my stories-- weird)

“Mother,” she cried out in the voice of her own childhood. The woman dropped the basket and scooped Taylor up into her arms, spinning her around until they both fell into the grass in happy exhaustion. Lying together, they gazed at the lazy clouds overhead, talking about the everyday affairs of life. Much of the conversation was coloured by the royal life they led, but occasionally the words echoed conversations Taylor and her own mother had had in the past. Rolling onto her side, she laid her head on her mother's shoulder and curled into her. “Don't ever leave me, mother,” she whispered.

Nano word count for the day

Well, I made pretty good progress today. Just about 3 chapters. And over 3000 words. Double the word count you need to get to in order to finish in 30 days. But I'm counting mine as 20 days because I doubt I'll get much done in the hospital. I wanted to get double my word count every day for the first week, but I guess double the standard count is good enough, right?

The kids started driving me nuts and I started procrastinating. I did pretty well in the early morning. No such luck tomorrow morning though-- I have book club. Maybe the kids will nap?

Someone posted this neat little progress bar thing.

So, ta-da. My progress.

3578 / 50000 words. 7% done!

And I'll pull out a line or two from what I wrote... Hmm....

“You sew like a dream,” she said to the machine with an affectionate pat. Then as her hand rested on the detailed art, she corrected, “No, more like a fairytale. I think I'll call you Aine. Yes, that feels right.”

I wrote a chapter!!

50 minutes in and I'm at 1172 words. If I take out the week I'll be in the hospital, I need 2174 words a day to hit my 50,000. That means I just need 1000 more words today (no problem!). I'm actually aiming for 3000-4000 words every day this week, just to get me ahead. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to write after the surgery since I won't have a lap to put my laptop in!

Okay, I've had my half hour break. Back at it!!


So, I tried this once before, but this year I'm serious about it. I am doing NaNoWriMo. (If you didn't know, it's a crazy challenge that involves writing a 50,000+ word novel in the 30 days of November. It stands for National Novel Writing Month) I have a plot and an outline. I am signed up. If I take out the week I'll be in the hospital, I only need to write 2174 words a day. That's still doable. Especially with an outlined story that I like! I have to start out strong though. I would like to be half-way through by the time I go into the hospital. Seems crazy, but maybe doable? 25,000 words in 10 days? I'll have more time after the surgery, but I think it'll be harder to write just because of being able to hold the laptop.

Anyway, here's my basic story concept: Taylor,a fashion student, discovers that any costume she makes with a magical sewing machine will transport her into a fantasy world. There, she is a princess and falls in love with a prince, but she can only be there while wearing the costume. They have to find a way to permanently live in the same world. Still needs a villain.

I'll try to update with an excerpt every few days. We'll see if that really happens though!

Anyway, it's just over 2 hours until start time. I wrote my outline 2 months ago, so I'm going to read over it to refresh myself, and maybe nail down a few details. Like, I dunno... the prince's name. Or finding myself a villain.

Wish me luck in my crazy venture!

Sailor Moon Land

So, I joined this community about a month ago, and it's LOTS of fun! It's a battle style community (you're sorted into one of 3 teams) and every week there are new challenges: graphics, writing, puzzles, etc. The points you earn in the activities are combined with your team's points to get the overall score.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun, and you don't even need to know a lot about Sailor Moon to do it (or be a good writer or graphics maker-- I suck at graphics). You can participate as much or as little as you want (if you don't want to participate in 4 challenges a month, you can be a social member).

Anyway, check it out and come play. http://sailormoonland.livejournal.com/profile